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Bergari Solutions has product engineering experience and in several industrial markets.

  • power generation

  • off-road construction

  • oil & gas

  • locomotive

  • military

  • stationary gas turbine
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Our commitment to our customers is to be fast, flexible and customer focused.  One of the key ways we differentiate ourselves from the competition is that we have built our design drawing system utilizing SolidWorks 3D design software.  The approach we have taken will allow us to modify virtually any of our designs very quickly.  The advantage to our customers is a solution that they can get quickly designed into their project.

Bergari Solutions is a complete solutions provider for industrial exhaust systems.  We have the technical expertise to design and produce high quality systems to meet your application needs.  We are business people who strive to please our customers.  We listen to our customers and desire to build long term mutually successful relationships.  Bergarai is committed to be flexible and accommodating in everything we do in order to provide outstanding service to our customers.
Bergari Solutions is a manufacturer and provider of custom engineered exhaust systems for a wide range of industrial engine applications.  We design and build engine exhaust silencers suitable for Diesel and Gaseous engine applications ranging from 50 hp up to 5000 hp. In addition to the silencers, we also design and build custom exhaust system components to provide a complete exhaust system solution.