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Bergari Solutions, LLC is a manufacturer and provider of custom engineered exhaust systems for a wide range of industrial engine applications.  We design and build engine exhaust silencers suitable for Diesel and Gaseous engine applications ranging from 50 hp up to 5000 hp. In addition to the silencers, we also design and build custom exhaust system components to provide a complete exhaust system solution.

Bergari Solutions is also a manufacturer and provider of custom engineered emission control solutions for industrial engines.  We provide integrated 3-way and oxidation catalysts into the exhaust system either as an independent catalyst component or integrated into a customized exhaust silencer. Our capabilities also include the integration of Diesel Particulate Filter systems into the exhaust system. Bergari Solutions utilizes the product expertise as well as the application engineering support from industry experts for the core emissions reducing elements.  We design these components into a system solution to meet your specific requirements for emissions performance, sound attenuation performance, thermal protection and overall physical space constraints, providing a complete solution.

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