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  • Aluminized outer shell and external heads – available in shell sizes up to 26” in diameter.
  • Metallized Aluminum Spray Coat Finish – 100% protected outer surfaces.  This is a specialized thermal metal spraying process uniformly applied to all the outer surfaces to a specified thickness.  An aluminum silicone based high temperature sealer is applied after the aluminum metal coating.
  • High performance paint options are available with greater temperature resistance and corrosion resistance properties superior to the base product high temperature paint.
  • Custom Aluminum Lagging – specially installed aluminum lagging is available for larger onsite installations for a professional appearance.
  • Stainless steel construction is available in common grades of 304, 316 and 321 materials.
  • Exotic alloys, such as Hastelloy* and Inconel* are possible with superior performance characteristics in high temperature stability and corrosion resistance.   

* Inconel is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation
* Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Haynes International, Inc.
Bergari Solutions is a manufacturer and provider of custom engineered exhaust systems for a wide range of industrial engine applications.  We design and build engine exhaust silencers suitable for Diesel and Gaseous engine applications ranging from 50 hp up to 5000 hp. In addition to the silencers, we also design and build custom exhaust system components to provide a complete exhaust system solution.

CS – Cylindrical Silencers
  • CSI – Industrial
  • CSR – Residential
  • CSC – Critical
  • CSH – Hospital

DS – Disk Silencers
  • DSC – Critical
  • DSH – Hospital

RS - Rectangular Silencers
  • RSC – Critical

ES – Emissions Silencers
  • ESC – Critical
  • ESH - Hospital

EC – Emissions Catalysts

DP - Diesel Particulate Silencers
Optional Features & Configurations

  • Dual inlets
  • Spark Arresting
  • Special Flanges & Port Connections
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Support Structures
Our goal is to provide proposal drawings in 3D format to the customer within 24 hours of submittal.  This approach will allow the customer to “drop in” the specific solution into their own drawing – saving time, improving efficiency and
minimizing translation errors.  We are engineers that understand what engineers need and want to be successful.